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Hyundai Stop Making ‘Disposable’ Car

Hyundai Stop Making ‘Disposable’ Car

Hyundai Stop Making 'Disposable' Car

At one time, Hyundai was specialized in creaing ‘disposable’ car. Disposable means a car which is cheap to buy, and even cheaper to throw away when they were broken. But that thing will not going to happen anymore. The recent Hyundai have been well designed and assembled. Although these improvements will need some times to be fully appreciated by the consumers, they have noticed the progress that Hyhundai has made. Their sales even have rocketed to the highest levels for the U.S. market.

This Korean manufacturer has sold 530,000 cars only in U.S. in 2010. They make it in a year where most companies were still strugling to come back after the financial crisis. The Hyundai Sonata 2011 sedan also led its way to 200,000 sales. The compact Elantra also received by the market very well.

The all-new 2011 model is expected to vault the Hyundai’s good luck ahead in this segment, just like how the Sonata did in the mid-size group. Hyundai is trying to bring the excitement further down with the price sale too with a racy new hatchback which is known as the Veloster that was shown at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit last Monday.

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Tesla Model S Will Come In Mid-2012

Tesla Motors is planing to begin delivering the S Model of their electric sedan in the second quarter of 2012. They are expects to produce around 20,000 units at first, according to the company said at the Detroit auto show. The base price of the car is expected to be $ 49,000, and Tesla has booked more than 3,000 reservations for it in North America and Europe.

Tesla Model S was initially announced in June 2008 as the less-expensive but higher-volume sedan to follow the Roadster and the Roadster Sport. Tesla has sold around 1,500 units of Roadsters and Roadster Sport models via 14 dealers since February 2008. The unveiled car on the auto show was equipped with suspension, battery, and powertrain components.

The unibody shows the sedan’s lightweight structure of aluminum. The high-strentgh steels are only used for the reinforcement in key areas such as the front and rear bumper bars. The 2012 Model S is a rear drive car. The electric motor and transmission assembly is mounted behind the rear axle line and under trunk floor. There are more than 7,000 units of lithium ion battery cells that are packaged in the reinforced structure that will help the vehicle’s floorpan.

Tesla Model S Will Come In Mid-2012

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Chrysler 300 Back To Detroit Auto Show

Chrysler 300 Back To Detroit Auto Show

Chrysler 300 was a hot selling sedan which distinguished by its tall grille and big wheels. The car attempt to have a comeback in the Detroit auto show. It is a vital car for the company, which must start making money before a public stock sale might happen. The new Chrysler 300 was revealed in Monday during the opening of the auto show. This new vehicle will be a muscular car with long hood and short back.

However the remade version will be sleeker. Chrysler also replaced the round headlamps with the subtle rectangular model. The gas mileage went up 8% and the interior has a softer looking surface with cool blue lighting on dashboard. With this car, Chrysler plans to attract a broader range of buyers from those who love a larger car, to those who want a high performance.

The Chrysler 300 was introduced in 2004, with the sales peaked in 2005 at 144,000. It barely toped 37,000 last year. Although the new car has a gas mileage up 2 mpg on a highway with V-6, the big car comes when experts predict that the gas prices will reach $ 4 per gallon this year. In the first quarters of 2010, Chrysler lost $ 453 million, and is the most vulnerable to a gas price spike.

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Volkswagen Entering Crowded Mid-class Segment

Volkswagen Entering Crowded Market

In order to become the top selling car company in the U.S., Volkswagen should win the middle-class American car buyers with their new redesigned sedan that they introduced on Monday. The Passat is a bigger and less expensive version of the older Volkswagen model. The car now jumped into a crowded field. VW might hopes that their new car will steal customers’ attention from the competitors such as Ford Fusion and Hyundai Sonata.

The German company wraps off their revamped car in the media previews at the orth American International Auto Show in Detroit. Jonathan Browning, VW’s president and chief executive for the Americas promise that this car will change the rules in the midsize car segment. The Passat must appeal the mid class budgets, as well as the American tastes if VW wants to meet their goal to tripling the overall sales in a decade.

Last year, Volkswagen was sold only 360,000 vehicles in the United States. The announcement of VW’s Passat came on the same day with other companies announce their new car in the auto show. They are Honda Civic, Chrysler 300 sedan, and Prius wagon. VW was succeed to gain consumers attention with their Beetle decades ago, and they hope the Passat will do the same.

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Toyota Shows New Prius Family

Toyota Shows New Prius Family

Toyota Motor Corp has unveiled a new family of Prius model in Monday. It comes with two new additions to the iconic hybrid series. The cas is said to hit the U.S. showrooms in the next 18 months. Toyota is the biggest automaker in the world which has dominated the gasolin-electric hybrid car market since the first Prius was launhed on the road in 1997. It has 14 models globally, and has a reputation as the most advanced car in next-generation technology.

Actually, there are two big competitors in the hybrid car model. They are Nissan Motor Co with their Leaf, and General Motors Co with the Volt electric cars which was launched last month. However, their sales are expected to not overcome the Prius until the high price of the batteries sliced down significantly. The Toyota’s Prius sedan sales itself increased 36% last year to 140,928 units, making it the most popular hybrid car on the road.

The new family at the Detroit auto show is the Prius V, and Prius C concept. The Prius V was aimed to families for more cargo space, while the C conept aimed to the young singles and couple who looks for high mileage and fun-to-drive Prius. Prius V will hit the showroom on the Summer, while C concept on later half of 2012.

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