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Toyota FT-86 II Concept With F1 Technology

Toyota FT-86 II Concept With F1 Technology

Toyota FT-86 II Concept With F1 Technology


Beside Lamborghini’s Aventador appearance, this might be another anticipated debuts at Geneva Motor Show. The picture above is the Toyota FT-86 II concept. You might already know that this car will be the new rear wheel drive sports coupe which will be the 2012 production model.


I’m pretty sure that you (just like me) are looking forward to the real production model. However for the moment, we will only get the view of the exterior shape which is claimed by Toyota to gives the clearest indication on what will be the final design of the next Toyota’s sports car which is equipped with an aerodynamics technology from F1. Yes, they will bring their experience in F1′s land into the market.


Unfortunately, the information of the hard specs is still very limited. I hope that there will be more information available soon when Subaru decides to show off their own version of this rear wheel drive sports car. Don’t be confused as the car was developed jointly by both automakers. All I know today is that this concept and possibly also the production car will use 2.0 liter four cylinder engine in the front to drive the rear wheels with a manual gearbox.

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Audi A3 Sedan Concept Spotted At Geneva

Audi A3 Sedan Concept Spotted At Geneva


Audi was promised us to trotted out their A3 sedan concept when Geneva Motor Show started. Now they are fulfilling their promise with a lovely bit of compact and hotness. There are a lot of carbon fiber on it and pieces litter the shapely sheetmetal, packed in a very Germanic interior in this four seat vehicle.


The interesting part of this car is the five cylinder turbocharged engine which will pump out around 408 horsepower. The peak torque is reached between 1,600 and 5,300 rpm with 368 pound feet. Audi claims that this car will be able to bring you to 62 mph in only 4.1 seconds and has a top speed of 155 mph. Not only impressive with the power, the fuel mileage is also awesome with 25.85 U.S. miles per gallon.


Those power is delivered in a seven speed dual clutch gearbox and is delivered to all the four wheels with the Quattro all wheel drive. It has a 20 inch wheels which is creted from carbon fiber and aluminum which will save its weight on its most crucial area.

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Much Awaited Aventador Finally Showed Up

Much Awaited Aventador Finally Showed Up


Finally, the much awaited Lamborghini’s fifth generation of V12 supercar has finally made its official debut in Geneva today. We have heard so many times on the detailed specifications of the Aventador LP700-4 before, and now the picture above is taken from the car’s booth at Geneva for the first impression of the latest product from the Raging Bull.


For your information, at this show, Lamborghini has three units of their brand new Aventadors on display which is ranging from the bright orange colored vehicle as in the picture above, up to the mode subtle grey and the stunning matte white. The unit that I mentioned last will show you the various styling elements on this car, starting from the exterior, especially the muscular creases at its front and sides.


This replacement of the later generation of Murcielagos wants to keep its cleaner look despite showing a more complex lines as its predecessor. For the interior, you will see that the materials quality of this car is proofing that Lamborghini still take some benefit from Volkswagen Group’s influence.

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Smaller Alfa Romeo Unveiled At Geneva

Smaller Alfa Romeo Unveiled At Geneva


The best part of Alfa Romeo’s vehicle is that it has the same flair as the Italian Ferrari and Maserati, only in a smaller and more accessible package. However, they still can’t offer the same excitement as the other two Italian models. Their 8C Competizione is good, but it was hardly expensive than the other. Now, let’s see their another offering, the Alfa 4C.


The 4C just concentrates it to be in a more compact shape. With only less than eight feet long, it won’t be much more concentrated. This light car was made from a carbon fiber and aluminum construction which helps to keep the weight to below 1873 pounds. Under the hood, you will find a 1750cc direct injection turbo engine from Giulietta QV. It would provides you a 200 horsepower and bring you from 0 to 60 mph in four seconds.


The car was unveiled at Geneva Motor Show which is started today in a matte red paint scheme. Alfa is said to looking for the production possibilities for this 4C, which will also marks the company’s return to the North American Market.

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Another Recall From Toyota For 2.17 Million U.S. Car


Last week, Toyota Motor Corp. said that they will recall another 2.17 million unit of Toyota and Lexus vehicles in the U.S. They do this in order to inspect and repair the accelerator pedals that may trapped in the carpeting. Toyota said that 1.54 million of the are being added to the 2009′s giant recall.


The whole 10 month of investigation by the NASA engineers finally concluded that the consumers complaints of an unintended acceleration is not because thefault electronic fauls according to the U.S. Department of Transportation. Toyota has recalled 19.2 million units of their Toyota and LExus models worldwide, while 13.7 million of them were in the United States since fall of 2009.


Toyota said that 20,000 units of 2006 and early 2007 Lexus GS 350 and GS 300 all wheel drive model sedans will be recalled. This recall is to modify the plastic pad’s shape which is embedded in the driver’s side floor carpet. Toyota said that if the carpet in the acceleration pedal is not replaced properly after service, there will be a possibility that the plastic pad will interfere with the acceleration pedal’s operation.  This will caused the acceleration pedal to be in a partially depressed position, instead of return to its idle position.

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