Monday, February 15, 2010

4minute greets fans in Thailand
Thai kpop fans are definitely getting showered with love – on top of 2PM Nichkhun’s trip to Phuket, girl group 4minute is currently in Bangkok, Thailand for overseas album promotions with Universal Music!

Unsurprisingly, the advent of these kpop icons in Thailand caught the attention of an ample number of Thai 4NIA fans. In fact, more than one thousand fans gave the girls an enthusiastic welcome by greeting them at the airport with cheers. “We had wondered if we had any 4minute fans in Thailand. Even though our plane arrived pretty late [in the evening], fans still came to see us,” leader Jihyun revealed, thanking fans for their warm welcome.

At their first press conference in Thailand on February 12, a bustle of over two hundred journalists packed into the room to get a load of these girls in person.

The girls also revealed their favorite tracks. Gayoon reported that Muzik was her favorite because the song’s beats were similar to heartbeats. Maknae Sohyun expressed favoritism for What a Girl Wants, HyunA said that her favorite song was Muzik as well, and Jihyun went with debut track Hot Issue because of the hard work they had put into their debut. Jihoon went with Won’t Give You since this song marked her rapping debut.

Reportedly, the girls’ interview skills prevailed despite the foreign atmosphere, winning approval from staff members that were in attendance. When asked what they would want to do if they were given an extra free day in Thailand, Jihyun replied, “We heard that King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand is currently ill. If we had an extra day, we would visit him to see how well he is recovering.”

Jihyun also promised that, despite not having any concrete plans at the moment, all group members would have their own solo activities in the future, since each girl has something to bring to the table. Seeing how successful HyunA has been with Change, these other debuts will definitely be something to look forward to!

On February 12, 4minute also appeared on the live program Channel [V], performing Muzik to the delight of many fans.

4minute has already hit up various other countries, including Taiwan and the Philippines. It definitely looks like 4minute is making the best of their trip and having a blast on Thailand… good luck to them with the rest of their Asia tour!


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