Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ahn Jin Kyung releases solo MV and Mir looks badass
Once a member of Korean groups To-Ya and ZINIS and a leader of Baby V.O.X Re.v., singer Ahn Jin Kyung wanted to be seen in a new light through her work as a solo artist. She was able to reveal a different image in the MV for her latest single Bad Person featuring Mir of MBLAQ on the 17th.

Although Mir’s rapping in the song is only brief, he leaves a hard-hitting impact on the ear. His appearance in the MV also reveals a much more mature side of him. Who knew the goofy maknae of MBLAQ could be such a badass?

It’s nice to see the MBLAQ members branching out to help other artists whilst showcasing their own talents outside of the group. First, Chundoong was featured in Lynn’s New Celebration, then G.O in’s Even If We Can’t Speak of the End, now Mir in Ahn Jin Kyung’s Bad Person. Can we expect Seungho and Lee Joon partaking in a musical collaboration as well? I sure hope so.

Ahn Jin Kyung will be performing her solo track on the comeback episode of Mnet’s M! Countdown on the 18th.

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