Saturday, February 20, 2010

BEG, Lee Eun Mi, Baek Ji Young, After School and CNBLUE are sound-holics on Music Core
On this very special 200th episode of Music Core, MBC introduced a special segment called “sound-holic” featuring our favorite Brown Eyed Girls, Lee Eun Mi, Baek Ji Young, After School and indie rock band CNBLUE!

The Brown Eyed Girls had a successful year in 2009 with hits Abracadabra and Sign. But before the girls became dark and sexy vixens, they were once cute and innocent girls. It’s almost hard to believe but it’s true as the Brown Eyed Girls performed the fan favorites L.O.V.E. and How Come.

Many of you k-pop fans may not be familiar with her work but Lee Eun Mi is one of the greatest artists in Korea. Since her 1992 debut she’s made quite a name for herself and is even considered the “Legend of Ballad.” She returned to the stage and upheld her title as she performed the classic I have a lover.

After her hit last year with the fun electric song My Ear’s Candy, it’s quite easy to forget that Baek Ji Young’s true expertise lies in the power of ballad. Watch as she performed her 2008 hit Like being shot by a gun.
[video coming soon]

After School caused quite a buzz when they made their fall/winter comeback with their hit Because of you. They promoted their song for quite a while but eventually had to say their goodbyes. But divas will always remain divas as they returned on the Music Core special to perform last year’s hit Diva!

Rookie indie rock band CNBLUE has shown their love for rock by performing classics. This time the band performed Jawoorim’s Magic Carpet Ride and added their own little flavor to it. But of course they performed their debut hit I’m a loner as well.


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