Sunday, February 28, 2010

Kara’s final comeback stage on Inkigayo
After three days of nonstop awesome, girl group Kara concludes their successful series of comeback stage performances on today’s Inkigayo!

Although the sharp and incredibly polished performances for Lupin will continue for the remainder of their promotional period, performances for their song Umbrella end today. So say “bye bye” to the cute rain boots, trench coat hoodies and belly rub dancing for now and continue to hallo-back with the ladies of Kara! Is it just me or do their stage performances just get better and better? It’s evident how hard these girls have worked to make their comebacks as polished as possible and they are being well rewarded by the roars of fanchants from the crowd!

Prepare to shield your ears from the hearty chants of kamilia when you check out Kara’s performances below!


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