Friday, February 19, 2010

Siberian Husky to release 2nd album
The talented indie band Siberian Husky will be releasing their second album titled, “4th child,” very soon.

Siberian Husky is an extremely talented 5 member indie band, who has been praised and awarded top honors at various music shows. Although an indie band, they are starting to receive a lot of recognition and they have been acknowledged and praised by top rock musicians such as, Shin Hae Chul and Shin Dae Chul.

It took the band 10 months to prepare and produce this album, therefore I’m sure it’s going to be pretty top notch material. The title song for “4th child,” is called, “Goodbye Leon” and it is based on the sad story and relationship that Matilda and Leon had in the hit movie “The Professional (Leon).”

The album will be released in early March, so stay tuned!

Showcase of their upcoming album:


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