Monday, February 15, 2010

Star Dance Battle Round 2: T-ara vs. BEAST

In celebration of Lunar New Year, MBC held a Star Dance Battle between the Wang team – consisting of MBLAQ, T-ara, Yoo Chae Young, Kim Na Young, Jo Hye Ryun, Kim Shin Young and 2PM – and the Shin team – consisting of Rainbow, BEAST, Kim Jong Min, Chun Myung Hoon, Noh Yoo Min, SNSD, Shin Bong Seon and Super Junior.

Round 2 was held between five members of T-ara (Jiyeon was absent) and BEAST (Doojoon was absent).

T-ara commanded the stage with the upbeat and addictive tune of D.I.S.C.O. Coordinated in futuristic outfits and blonde wigs, the sexy ladies transformed into Uhm Jung Hwa’s clones while leader Eunjung assumed the role of the featured rapper. Eunjung took the audience by surprise as everything from her slicked hair to her charismatic rapping bore a striking resemblance to T.O.P. himself.

BEAST delivered an equally entertaining show as they danced to Omarion’s Icebox in black hoodies. Their smooth and synchronized dancing definitely sent chills down my spine. Transitioning to a more upbeat track, BEAST flaunted their skills in footwork and popping alike. From the looks of the audience, they seemed to be enjoying the beastly performance as well.


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