Monday, February 15, 2010

Star Dance Battle Round 3: Gag men trio vs. Gag women trio
In celebration of the Lunar New Year, MBC held a Star Dance Battle between the Wang team – consisting of MBLAQ, T-ara, Yoo Chae Young, Kim Na Young, Jo Hye Ryun, Kim Shin Young and 2PM – and the Shin team – consisting of Rainbow, BEAST, Kim Jong Min, Chun Myung Hoon, Noh Yoo Min, SNSD, Shin Bong Seon and Super Junior.

Round 3 was between the three gag men – Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Jong Min and Noh Yoo Min – and the three gag women – Jo Hye Ryun, Yoo Chae Young and Kim Na Young.

After being discharged from military service as real men, Chun Myung Hoon, Kim Jong Min and Noh Yoo Min lost their manhood within two minutes and 21 seconds of the following performance. Dancing to T-ara’s breakthrough song Bo Peep Bo Peep, the trio, especially Chun Myung Hoon got into character a lot (almost too much). It’s almost hard to imagine that these gentlemen were once a part of popular Korean groups back in the day. If you thought it was embarrassing for T-ara to wear such horrendous attire on stage, imagine how much worse it was for three grown men in their middle ages. Even the back-up dancers couldn’t help but crack a smile throughout the performance.

The song was almost perfect for Yoo Chae Young, who is known for her crazy facial expressions and erratic personality. The threesome had a lot of fun with the rapping segment as Jo Hye Ryun pulled Yoo Chae Young’s hair back and forth. Their stiffness actually enhanced the zombie dance to make it appear more realistic. Near the end, they even dragged Taecyeon and Chansung to the stage to assist them in the pyramid formation. The finale was just as unique as Yoo Chae Young and Kim Na Young crept up behind Jo Hye Ryun with plastic hammers and knocked her unconscious.


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