Sunday, February 28, 2010

T-ara is hurt and crazy on SBS Inkigayo!
Even though they only debuted last July, T-ara’s made quite the impression on Korean music listeners everywhere. After their feminine image from Lies, an adorable (and distinctive) image with Bo Peep Bo Peep, these young ladies have undoubtedly redefined “hot” with their repackaged album, I Go Crazy Because of You.

This week, T-ara’s taken it up a notch with their oh-so-sexy performances on M! Countdown, Music Bank and Music Core, but to wrap up their comeback week on Inkigayo, they also gave us a special performance of I’m Really Hurt, an addictive mid-tempo ballad.

With their all white suits and hats, T-ara proved that they could look sexy with a boyish look as well. Unfortunately, the performance of I’m Really Hurt was all too short. From what we could tell though, the choreography’s looking pretty catchy with that addictive tie-tugging move!

For tonight’s performance of I Go Crazy Because of You, T-ara wore black & pink outfits similar to those from Music Core but with a vibrant line pattern on the black parts. Although not as seizure-inducing (and I say that lovingly) as their flashy music video, the stage is filled with hot pink, orange & purple lights and sparkly background tile-things, giving the performance a very modern feel.

You’ve gotta love Jiyeon’s seeexy sneer at 0:16!


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