Saturday, February 13, 2010

Talented MeiLin releases mini album Innocence
MeiLin (Seo Mirim), is a 20 year old Korean artist that debuted in Korea at the age of 14. She later debuted in the Japanese market under Dreamusic in 2007. She used to be known as 솜이 / som2 but she no longer uses this name.

Despite her talents she was never really popular, but she did have some success with a track titled Innocent Girl. Now MeiLin is coming back to the motherland with a mini album titled Innocence.

The mini album consists of 5 tracks: Innocent Girl (Korean Version of the Japanese song), 사랑이 뭐 그래 (Love Like That), We Are The One, This is Me, and Innocent Girl Instrumental.

This girl is very talented but she doesn’t really have a following. Hopefully things will turn around for her this go around. Thanks to Jenifer for the tip and check out the tracks below.


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