Thursday, February 25, 2010

Where in the World are the Wonder Girls? #6
It’s been quite a while since the Wonder Girls have come out with a video in their Youtube series Where in the World are the Wonder Girls. In fact, their last video was released after their appearance on America’s hit show, So You Think You Can Dance back in December. Well, it looks like they’re back with a new video in the series, making this video (technically) numero 7! [They've replaced the previous #6 video with this one due to copyright claims.]

Last week, we reported that the Wonder Girls were spotted with celebrities at NYC’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Now we can go behind the scenes with the Wonder Girls on their adventures into the nation’s top fashion shows! Check it out!

In the video, the girls visited Tory Burch, Emu, Milly and Anna Sui for the fashion fiesta; although the girls did look a bit tired, they sure did look excited! But who wouldn’t be? This is every fashion fanatics’ dream come true!

Despite Sunmi’s withdrawal from the group, the girls did maintain a cheerful ambiance. Let’s just hope that this isn’t Sunmi’s last Wonder Girls appearance, and best of luck to the new Wonder Girls member Hae Lim!

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