Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wonder Girls celebrate third year anniversary with…
Food of course!

Last week, the Wonder Girls celebrated their third year anniversary on February 11 with a wholesome dinner at a Korean restaurant. Although the big day passed last week, JYP Entertainment posted a small clip of the meal on its official Youtube account today.

After the wonderful ladies & staff members sang Happy Birthday, Sunye gave a brief thank you message as Yoobin stared intently at the cake and the other members looked on.

“Hello everyone! We’ve come to our third anniversary. Thank you for the love you’ve shown us! We’re in the States, having a little party with this cake. I hope everyone is doing well,” Sunye said. “We just came from Korea but we already miss you… I hope we get more chances to be together, and for those that have been with us, thank you for the love. We love you, Wonderfuls. Fighting!”

After Yoobin blew out the candles, the quintet “attacked” the chocolate cake with various utensils (a knife, spoon, chopsticks, finger & toothpick) for a photo op, and leader Sunye cut the cake for the group.

On February 11, Wonderfuls also got #3Years1Wonder trending on Twitter by posting nearly 5000 messages. Although Doomsday Sunmi’s impending departure date is fast approaching, it’s heartwarming to see these girls genuinely enjoying themselves together. Congrats to the Wonder Girls for their past three years of success, and here’s to many more to come!

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