Friday, February 26, 2010

Wonderfuls give Sunmi love & support with balloon message project
Amidst all of the JYPE-related gloom & doom that has been emerging as of late, our friends at WG Spectacle Forums recently held an international project to send the Wonder Girls‘ member Sunmi a message before her upcoming departure to Korea. Wonderfuls from all over the world banded together to complete a positive, united message to the beloved 4D with balloons, photos, notes and a video collage that captured the entire experience.

After Sunmi’s last performance at POP-CON last week, Wonderfuls at WG Spec gathered over five hundred messages and tied them to 150 purple hearts, then placed them in front JYPE’s New York City office to show their support.

“To us you will always be a part of WG!” one fan from Brazil wrote in her note. “We will support your decision no matter what. What matters is that you are happy. We’ll always love you!” Another fan from Thailand said, “Even though I don’t want you to leave, I respect your decision. I hope you will be happy with your decision & studies.” Others promised to save the world with Sunmi in the future together, and others reminded her to keep smiling and stay happy with her decision.

Notes were written in English & Korean by fans both in Korea and places all over the world, including the States, Spain, Peru, the UK, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Thailand, Hungary and more. One amazing Wonderful even flew in from Japan for this event.

150 balloons, 500+ worldwide messages, and one beloved 4D. Sunmi, we’re going to miss you – have a safe trip to Korea and make sure to make the most of your studies!

Thanks to Matt for providing the information & media.


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