Thursday, March 11, 2010

2NE1’s Try To Copy Me full MV released!
After a long period of waiting, 2NE1 is finally giving us a taste of the Try to Copy Me music video. You can tell why it took so long to release the music video because the quality of it is above and beyond. Check it out below.

Is it just me or is leader CL measuring up to Lady Gaga’s fashion standards more and more each day? Anyways, the girls all look fly as hell in this video and I especially like Bom’s new hairdo. The Star Wars stormtroopers was a surprise addition.

While it’s awesome that 2NE1 has released this music video, I’m still waiting for the official release of TOP’s single. That fancam just wasn’t enough for me.

Many thanks to switterbeet & ynah28 for the tip.

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