Monday, March 22, 2010

American guys like SNSD’s Hyoyeon?
At the beginning of March, YouTube account daisukeeeee88 uploaded three videos of his four American friends picking the “hottest member of SNSD.” It was just supposed to be a fun thing between him and his buddies but it’s definitely becoming a YouTube hit.

I think the guy expected maximum ten views because he started to boast about his success on his Tumblr when the video hit 5,000 hits. The three videos show American guys, all Caucasian, picking the prettiest member of the girl group SNSD. They watched the music video of Oh! and a comeback performance of it as well to judge the beauty of each member.

Since people tend to think Asians look alike, the guys had to use numbers on the girls’ clothes to differentiate one girl from another. It was quite obvious to tell that they liked Hyoyeon, number 32, the most. This is kind of ironic because she is considered an underrated member of SNSD.

They also really liked Yuri, Yoona, Jessica and Sooyoung. I think these girls have their way of attracting every man on the planet.

Just in case you forgot: Hyoyeon’s number is 32, Jessica’s is 22, Sunny’s is 12, Sooyoung’s is 24, Taeyeon’s is 9, Yoona’s is 7, Yuri’s is 21, Seohyun’s is 11 and Tiffany’s is 0.

The guys definitely seemed turned on by the hip shaking dance moves of Oh! and constantly paused and rewound the video to see more of the girls.

Check out the three videos:


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