Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BEAST’s Junhyung shares a fake kiss with a nun?
MBC High Kick Through the Roof had BEAST’s main rapper Junhyung make a cameo on March 1st’s episode. In the episode, Junhyung filmed a music video with In-na, played by Yu In-na.

In-na was supposed to film a kiss scene with Junhyung after getting her nun outfit, a habit, ripped off, but she got scared because she knew Kwang-su would get jealous. Julian poked Kwang-su in the eye while people were replaying the kiss scene so that he wouldn’t be able to watch her kiss Junhyung.

Because the scene in which In-na’s habit was ripped off as well as the kiss itself weren’t actually broadcast, people were confused and a bit annoyed. The episode just showed In-na’s habit strewn on the floor and said they had a kiss scene.

Netizens commented, “It’s a problem that they didn’t air it but pretended it all happened,” and “Everyone is pretending.” Other viewers are cutting High Kick some slack, saying, “It’s just imaginary,” and “It’s a sitcom. Have fun as you watch it. Don’t blow things out of proportion.”


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