Thursday, March 4, 2010

Byul returns with her Sweet Love single
Korean singer Byul returns to the k-pop scene after being on break for almost half a year. She releases her single album Taste of Love with her title track Sweet Love.

Byul is most famous for her work on the OST of the 2004 Korean drama Full House. The song I Think I gained an immense boost in popularity due to it being played over and over again on the drama. You may also know her for her 2007 hit Cupid. Dressing up in pink and cute clothing, Star took the summer of 2007 by storm with her addictive beat and peppy choreography.

Now she returns with her latest track, featuring the rap of Rhyme Bus. A lot of artists in the k-pop scene are transitioning to the electric hip-hop genre but Byul is staying faithful to her original talents as she brings about another loving happy track. It’s got a nice feel good vibe about it that’s bound to have you smiling aimlessly.

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