Monday, March 1, 2010

Clean and Clear CF featuring Seohyun and Krystal released!
As previously reported, SNSD / Girls’ Generation maknae Seohyun and f(x) member Krystal collaborated to film a CF for Clean and Clear.

About a month ago, a behind the scenes look was released through an MBC interview, but the CF took it’s sweet time to hit TV screens across Korea!

Well it’s out now and made available for view on your computer screen:

Both Seohyun and Krystal really do give off an innocent charm, don’t they? The CF depicts a much different feel from their American counterparts as well. It’s almost blasphemous how they don’t use huge celebrities to promote their products, but “scientific studies” and “personal accounts” instead, to attract the consumers.

Personally, I’m more convinced to buy their products by the two beautiful girls.

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