Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Daredevil makes return Base Jump from 4,000ft peak after recovering from 100mph fall
By Scott Warren

Daredevil: Boole with his state-of-the-art suit

A daredevil father who almost died in a 6,000ft fall a year ago has returned to his death-defying pastime.

James Boole, 32, broke his back when he had parachute problems while using his winged 'bat suit', but has made his return Base Jump, gliding safely to earth after racing through the air.

'I felt ecstatic,' he told The Sun. 'It was great.'

The accident last Easter saw his parachute fail, his life saved by a soft landing on deep snow after jumping from a Russian peak.

He hit the ground at about 100mph, injuring his back, lungs, ribs and teeth, leading to a year-long recovery at his home in Tamworth, Staffordshire, which included wearing a body brace for three months.

For his return jump he chose the 4,000ft Mount Trento in northern Italy, and admitted to being terrified as he prepared to launch himself off the side.

After mustering the courage, he glided safely to 500ft before a successful parachute deployment delivered him softly to the valley floor.

In action: Boole and a fellow jumper speed through the air

'I really thought that I might never be able to jump again,' he said. 'As I stood on the cliff edge I still had some Elvis knee-knocking going on.'

His wife Kristina, 24, and 15-month-old daughter Melissa were waiting for him at the bottom.

He said: 'Obviously my family were very concerned I would want to do something like this again. But they understand what a big part parachuting plays in my life.'

Base Jumping stands for 'building, aerial, span and earth' - the range of four jumps its participants seek to make. It is illegal in most countries.

Above: Boole and his 'bat suit' have starred in an advertisement for US car maker Chevrolet, for which no special effects were used

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