Monday, March 22, 2010

Defconn – How To Leave the Rapper (feat Gu Ji Sung)
Gu Ji Sung returns in a role that may surprise you…I hadn’t seen new photos of her in a while and the last place I’d expect to see her singing in a Kpop music video and at some music events.

I saw the music video from Cutkillvince’s post, but I didn’t think the video did any Gu Ji Sung justice.

Thanks to “I Van” for sending in a tip about her performances on Music Core and Inkigayo with information and a video for her Music Core performance. The performances are much better than the MV in my opinon. I thought the MV didn’t show enough of her, which Locutis also agreed saying, “yeah not enough of her… and she barely moved in the MV -_-”


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