Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Foxy’s MV gets banned on free to air TV
New girl group, Foxy, was expected to grab attention due to Han Jang Hee, the 2006 World Cup girl, being one of the members. Unfortunately, one of Korea’s largest broadcasting channel, SBS, has banned their music video for their song Why Are You Doing This To Me.

Things are looking worse, as the other two main brodcasting channels, KBS and MBC, have also banned their music video from airing on their channels as well.

The music video showed a lot of skinship and promoted sexual relationships with men and women. It was decided by the censorship department of all 3 tv stations that the music video was over-the-top and very inappropriate.

Foxy’s company, MC Entertainment stated, “The decision for Foxy’s music video being banned on free to air television stations was a big blow to us. We are thinking of editing the video and hoping for it to be accepted on TV. The music video for their World Cup Song, which will be released in May, will not have this problem.”

Let’s hope that things will look better for them in the future!

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