Wednesday, March 31, 2010

f(x) does funny dances for Auction
The new commercials of f(x) for Auction are out and they’re quite adorable and hilarious. The five different CFs show off the girls doing a funny dance to show off the products.

Sulli is marketing the jacket, Victoria is selling the hat, Luna is showing off the bag, Amber, the pants, and Krystal, the shoes.

Auction is holding an event where they’re asking fans to point out their favorite moves out of the dances and the contest ends on April 12th.

Auction’s rep said,

“f(x) is rising as an fashion icon which is why the Auction products have been progressing in sales after their endorsement. We wanted to give off a fun vibe.”

The new Auction CF will start airing from April 10th.


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