Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jin Ji Hee’s first kiss scene with Wang Suk Hyun
MBC High Kick Through the Roof’s child star, Jin Ji Hee, revealed her first kiss scene ever!

In K.Will’s recent Gift music video which featured stars ranging from MBLAQ’s Thunder to B2ST’s Lee Ki Gwang. Among them were child stars Jin Ji Hee and Wang Suk Hyun from the hit movie, Speedy Scandal.

Do you remember the adorable kiss scene between the two actors at the end of the music video? Well, the scene was actually not intended because when Jin Ji Hee was about to kiss Wang Suk Hyun’s cheek, he suddenly turned, making their lips lock!

The accidental but adorable scene made the entire studio burst out in laughter, and it turned out to be perfect for the ending of the music video!

The music video certainly revealed a very different side of Jin Ji Hee from her rather rambunctious role in High Kick. Rather than running around constantly yelling, “Bbanggoo Ddonggoo”, she demonstrates a very lady-like side that’s rarely seen.

She is really busy these days with sitcom filming, interviews and commercials. It seems like this 12 year old 5th grader has a very bright future ahead of her!


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