Friday, March 5, 2010

John Park eliminated from American Idol
It was a proud day for Koreans everywhere when Korean American John Park made the Top 24 on American Idol.

John had his second live performance last night, singing John Mayer’s Gravity. However, he received a bit of a harsh review from all the judges. Although he was highly praised for his voice, they commented that the song choice was not appropriate for his vocals.

The judges’ opinion probably influenced the voters’ decision because John Park was one of four that were sent home on today’s episode of the show.

Perhaps John Park should have stuck to singing something like this:

Even if you don’t watch the show, this was a big step for Koreans breaking into the American media. Although it would have been a glorious moment for John to win, he had to pack his bags and go back to Chicago. Luckily he went home happy saying that he had absolutely no regrets.


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