Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jung Yonghwa and Yoon Si Yoon’s CF for NII
Rising rookies Yoon Si Yoon of High Kick Through the Roof and Jung Yonghwa of CNBLUE shot a CF, “2010 S/S Season TV commercial,” and photos for their endorsement of the clothing line NII.

Jung Yonghwa has been getting a lot of attention as the leader of CNBLUE and their hit song I’m a Loner. Yoon Si Yoon has been making a name for himself as “Junhyuk Student” in High Kick Through the Roof.

The filming of the commercial took place in Bangkok, Thailand and the CF was inspired by the movie Avatar. Does this mean our boys are appearing as blue creatures?

Not quite. The two turn into a cooler looking version of themselves, their avatars, to go out with people.

Check out the 15s CF:


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