Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kahi grinds up on Eun Ji Won in his old MV
Netizens, who we know more often as detectives, have dug up a pre-debut video of After School’s Kahi, who is already well-known for having been a back-up dancer for top artists such as BoA and DJ Doc. In this video, Kahi is dancing in a sexy, naval-bearing outfit beside Eun Ji Won.

Eun Ji Won’s music video of Owl (올빼미) stars himself, Gil, Gaeri and Kahi. I wonder if he knew she would make it so big in the music industry in a matter of years. Netizens are amazed at how sexy Kahi looks in the video. Why are they surprised? It’s not like she’s ever not sexy.

Netizens said, “She has always been good at dancing,” “Her body is to die for,” and “She hasn’t changed one bit.”

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