Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kara takes the M! Countdown stage with Lupin
After starting off with an explosive series of comebacks on last week’s M! Countdown, Kara is back on stage to perform their latest infectious hit Lupin!

Though the rising competition from fellow kpop groups and idols is coming from all sorts of directions, this girl group has continued to maintain their high positions on various online music charts, even surpassing some big names! Like several other groups and entertainers, Kara has worked hard to accomplish all that they have up until this point and all their hard work is being paid off with the abundant love they are receiving from fans in the crowd.

As the girls strutted their stuff on stage, gyrating their hallo-worthy sexy figures for their Lupin performance, cheers once again drowned out the majority of the performance. The girls are on a roll and so far, momentum seems to be on their side!

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