Saturday, March 27, 2010

Kim Tae Woo gets together with BEG Narsha for Samsung Anycall
Former g.o.d. member Kim Tae Woo recently got together with fellow Invincible Youth member and Brown Eyed Girl Narsha for a Samsung Anycall Commercial Music Video.

This Commercial Music Video is titled 우심폰까 and uses the beat from Kim Tae Woo’s 내가 야! 하면 넌 예! / I say ya! You say ye (Duet With LYN), which he promoted back in November.

Overall, it’s a very cute commercial. You gotta love Kim Tae Woo trying to sneak in a kiss at the end of the video.

Thanks to casn1008 for the tip and check out the video below.


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