Friday, March 5, 2010

K.Will releases a teaser for his upcoming single
Last year November, K.Will released his second album titled Miss, Miss and Miss. Well, he is going to make a comeback by releasing a new single titled Gift on March 10th!

Today, K.Will released a one minute teaser of Gift which featured a crying scene of the child actress Jin Ji Hwe from MBC’s High Kick Through the Roof. Other than Jin Ji Hwe, U-Kiss‘ Dongho, BEAST’s Lee Gi Kwang, MBLAQ’s Thunder and Speed Scandal’s child actor Wang Suk Hyun were all also seen crying. It is unclear whether or not they are crying because of happiness or sadness, but it will be something to anticipate for nevertheless. In the one minute teaser, you will get to hear a 30 second preview of Gift.

In the teaser, here are some of the “titles” they were given.

Thunder – “The male who makes chocolate.”

Wang Suk Hyun – “The male who gifts roses.”

Jin Ji Hwe – “The female who receives confessions of love.”

Dongho – “The male who loves teddy bears.”

Gi Kwang – “The male who sends video messages.”

Stay tuned to K.Will’s new track Gift, which will be released on March 10th!

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