Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lee Jung Hyun to make March comeback
Last summer, singer Lee Jung Hyun led promotions with her mini-album and title track Vogue It Girl. Now over half a year later, it’s been revealed that she’ll be making a comeback this month with her 7th album.

If you recall, Lee also recently appeared on the late night talk show Asia Uncut and was even compared to world famous American artist Lady Gaga.

Last time around, this singer gained quite a lot of attention for her unique fashion sense and music, so many eyes are on this upcoming comeback. It’s been revealed that some of Korea’s top composers are currently working on the album.

The album will have a unique style and have a fun new dance. But she’ll also be changing things up a bit as she’ll also feature a ballad track. The main concept will be something different but bold as ideas are being brainstormed.

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