Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MC Mong and Seo In Young will sing a duet [updated with MV teaser]
MC Mong and Seo In Young will be getting together for a duet.

The two have been chosen to sing composer Jo Young Su’s Bubble Love for his third signature album, All Star 2.5. Jo Young Su is a renowned composer in the music industry and recently won the Best Composer award at the 2009 Cyworld Digital Music Awards.

This song is said to be about an innocent love shared between a couple, and Jo Young Su chose Seo In Young for her strong vocals and MC Mong for his charismatic rapping. However, Seo In Young will have to take her strong vocals down a notch and project a more cute image for the song.

MC Mong and Seo In Young have been known as being best friends, but they have never had the time to record a song together. But with Jo Young Su’s request, the two best friends will finally share a special song together.

The recording of the song almost had to be delayed or a new male rapper had to be chosen due to MC Mong’s recent facial injury, but in order to keep his word, MC Mong showed up to the recording instead of resting.

Other renowned artists such as SG Wanabe, VOS, Seeya’s Kim Yeon Gi, Navi, and Su Ki will be part of Jo Young Su’s All Star 2.5.

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