Sunday, March 7, 2010

T-ara delivers a crazy performance on SBS Inkigayo
Post content here After their pit stop at Japan for an endorsement deal, T-ara is back on stage to perform their latest chart-topping single, I Go Crazy Because Of You on SBS Inkigayo.

As usual, T-ara looked smokin’ hot with their smokey eye make-up and leather outfits–this time, they were sky blue. Lately, T-ara has not failed to impress. With every performance, the girls seem to be getting better and better, showing marked improvements in both singing and dancing. Tonight was no different as T-ara rocked the stage with natural charisma and powerful stage presence that you just couldn’t pry your eyes away from.

Although they may not have won this week’s Take 7, which they rightfully deserved, I have high hopes that next week will be in their favor. Stay tuned as we continue follow the success of this sexy sextet![endtext]

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