Monday, March 15, 2010

T-ara releases 3 different MVs of I’m Really Hurt!
Having made a comeback with a sexy concept, girl group T-ara demonstrated the limitless extent of their versatility through a boyish look in their I’m Really Hurt MV–three of them, to be exact.

In one of their performances on SBS Inkigayo and through several concept photos released earlier, the ladies showed a sneak preview of what was to be expected in the full song and their next image. However, the aforementioned did not do justice to the full MVs, which have been released today.

Compared to their cool and sexy concept in their title track I Go Crazy Because of You, T-ara showed off a boyish charm through I’m Really Hurt, a mid-tempo dance track from their repackaged album Breaking Heart. Like their comeback song, however, T-ara retained the same pop feeling and electronic style that naturally compels you to tap your feet and nod your head.

Watch all three versions below:


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