Sunday, April 18, 2010

Behind the scenes of 2NE1’s Bean Pole and Etude House photoshoot
Although popular girl group 2NE1 has been laying low, they have still been receiving many lovecalls from various companies. Two endorsements deals they recently snagged consist of fashion brand Bean Pole and cosmetic brand Etude House.

Some photos of 2NE1 for Bean Pole and Etude House were released earlier, but let’s go behind the scenes of both photoshoots to catch a better glimpse of the fierce foursome.

In an interview with SBS One Night TV Entertainment on the set of Etude House, member Sandara Park confessed, “There has been a time when I noticed the wide age gap in the group. During the photoshoot just now, I kept taking breaks to sit down.” She added, “At my age, I get tired easily,” receiving laughter for her silly commentary.

When asked which “team” between the unnies (Sandara Park and Park Bom) and dongsengs (CL and Minzy) was more childish, the vote indicated that the former acted like the younger ones.

Leader CL explained, “The unnies are rowdier than we are. They don’t act their age.”

Regarding their comeback, CL said, “We have returned to the practice room and are busily rehearsing. The process of creating our music is very natural so [a new song] could be released tomorrow or next year. We don’t know for sure yet.”

I bet fans wish that 2NE1 could return to the k-pop scene tomorrow, but as the saying goes, “Good things take time.” As we await eagerly for their comeback, keep your eyes peeled for more pictures of 2NE1’s latest endorsement deals.

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