Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Billie Piper may well be A Passionate Woman... but she's not about her hair

By Chris Johnson

Catching sight of herself? Billie Piper pictured out and about in London yesterday with her hair in full flow

Has Billie Piper just caught her reflection and realised she forgot to do her hair?
The actress was spotted out and about in London yesterday and appeared to be having some trouble managing her tresses.

The windy weather saw her mane blowing about all over the place as she stepped out in jeggings, a T-shirt dress and hoodie.

Billie, 27, is currently starring in 1950s period dram A Passionate Woman, the first part of which was screened on BBC1 last Sunday.

She plays housewife Betty in a true story of a woman who's life is turned upside down by a dashing Polish man at her local dance hall.

Like her saucy character Belle de Jour in Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Piper is seen in a series of sex scenes in the drama, which concludes this Sunday.

The former singer has also revealed in a recent interview that she would love to take part in a musical, but admitting she is embarrassed of the singing career that launched her to fame.

Blustery: Windy weather appeared to be giving her some trouble with her tresses

She said it would be 'heaven' to combine singing with acting, but only if she could do the musical parts in advance.

She told Glamour magazine: 'A musical film is my idea of heaven. You can pre-record, you don't have to sing live.

'Singing live was the bit I hated the most. I never felt like a confident singer.

'I would really love to do a musical, I don't know in what capacity but something funny.'

Acting up: Piper starring as Betty in period drama A Passionate Woman, alongside Craze (Theo James)

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