Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dia commemorates the Cheonan victims
Dia, who gained popularity with Another Boy and Knock, is garnering attention for writing lyrics of a song that commemorates the Cheonan victims.

The title of the song is Goodbyeand it is a pop-pera style ballad sang with the longing emotions of a high schooler.

Also, the piano in the background compliments Dia’s sentimental voice and helps evoke more emotion in the song.

Goodbye was released on the 20th, and has been spreading like wildfire among the netizens. Even Dia herself admitted that she was surprised by its popularity. Her company is now considering officially releasing the song as part of a single album.

She expressed, “There were so much bad news like the Cheonan tragedy in 2010. It must be so difficult to let go of someone you love so much…. When I heard about stories of those who had to go through these tragedies, I wrote these lyrics spontaneously because I wanted to sing from their point of view.”

She also added, “I lack in skill, but the fact that so many people are listening to the song tells me that they feel the same way. I hope these feelings will help alleviate the families of the victims even a little. If the album is officially released, I would like to donate all its profits to the Cheonan charity.”


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