Saturday, April 3, 2010

Entitled Entertainment reveals plans for future concerts with Rain, Usher, Akon & more!
I’m sure you guys in Los Angeles already know about the Seoulful Concert, which will feature big-name stars MC Mong, Leessang and Jay Sean tomorrow evening. Earlier today, the staff of Entitled Entertainment scheduled a press conference in anticipation of the event. Unfortunately, Leessang had a delayed flight (Gary) & schedule conflicts with MBC Infinity Challenge (Gil), and MC Mong’s RV broke down in the desert when he was leaving Palm Springs after a photoshoot. Talk about superbly bad luck!

Fortunately, we were able to get a message from David Kwon, the Managing Partner at Entitled Entertainment, who talked about the reason why Entitled Entertainment chose Jay Sean to be part of this seemingly Korean-based concert. Apparently, Tiger JK was originally part of the line-up, but due to a few contract issues, he had to bow out of this event. Jay Sean was chosen in order to draw in a younger crowd to truly make this an event for an audience of all ages.

David Kwon also revealed some big events for the near future that you guys will definitely be interested in.

Seoulful seems to be the first of a series of concerts to come that will feature A-list artists from both Korea and America. ”We actually have plans for American artists such such as Akon, Sean Paul, Flo Rida [and] Trey Songz,” Kwon said. ”We have one coming up for Kim Jong Gook, Mighty Mouth and Ne-Yo and also we have one coming up later in the year for Usher and Rain.” Although it may be an unexpected pairing, it’s great publicity for these Korean artists and will make the concert all the more memorable!

Anyway, the Seoulful concert itself will take place tomorrow at the Shrine Auditorium at 8PM. If you’re in the area, it isn’t too late to grab a ticket; purchase yours at Ticketmaster here. Stay tuned for our concert coverage!


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