Thursday, April 22, 2010

'It's juicy and real!' Australian TV presenter is the envy of Kim Kardashian's fans as she gets her hands on the star's rear
By Daily Mail Reporter

Rock bottom: Kim Kardashian giggles as she has her bottom felt by Australian TV host Cassie Swan on TV show The Circle

It's her famous asset and it's even been the subject of debate as to its authenticity.

So one day somebody was bound to want to test Kim Kardashian's bottom to see if it's the real deal.

That person was the bold Australian TV host Chrissie Swan. And she became the envy of Miss Kardashian's fans across the globe when she was given the opportunity to squeeze the socialite's rear.

Real? Australian TV host Cassie Swan appears convinced the socialite's rear is a natural wonder exclaiming 'It's juicy and real!'

While being interviewed about her recent nude photoshoot for Harper's Bazaar on Chrissie's Channel Ten show The Circle, the subject of whether Kardashian's behind had been surgically enhanced just happened to come up.

Gamely, she stood up and told host Swan: 'A few people have been asking if it's real, so you can grab it if you want.'

She turned round and presented her backside for a touch test.

The excited host then grabbed a handful of flesh, before declaring: 'It's juicy and real!'

Touching: The presenter gets a good handful of Kim's rear in a move which is sure to send her fans green with envy

To which Kim said 'A little too juicy.'

But the women on the show rejected her self-depricating comment, reassuring her 'That's what we love, you're so womanly.'

Finally, as she made a squeezing action with her hands, Swan commented: 'It's like a waterbomb!' to roars of laughter from the studio audience.

Give her a big hand: Cassie Swan compares Kim Kardashian's rear end to a waterbomb as she makes a grabbing action with her hands

Kim Kardashian is currently in Australia to promote the new MotoBlur phone for local telephone company Optus.

During her trip around the famous Sydney harbour, Kardashian was interviewed for a local radio show as she took in the sights of the city.

Sitting down basking in the 22 degrees sunny autumn weather, Kardashian got into holiday mode as she quaffed champagne.

source: dailymail
Curvy: Kim showed off her enviable figure in a tight-fitting dress as she went on a boat tour of Sydney's harbour earlier this week

She has been romantically linked to footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, allegedly exchanging text messages with him every day despite the thousands of miles between them.

However, Kim recently stated that she was single when asked by a Sydney radio DJ about her lovelife.

She said: 'I'm having a good time being single. I can't even remember the last time I was single.

'According to the US I'm kissing a lot of people. A lot of the time if you're in the same place as someone they say you are dating them... Who is this source? I'd love to know.'

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