Monday, April 12, 2010

Lee Hyori unleashes Chitty Chitty Bang Bang music video!
May I even mention the long wait?

After literally months and months of tormenting anticipation, Lee Hyori has finally treated the fans with the holy grail of her comeback – the title track music video.

To give a brief summary on Lee Hyori’s previous progress, she unleashed a teaser video on March 28th, giving the fans a taste of what’s to come. Three days later, the star unveiled a Lady Gaga-style teaser photo. On April 1st, Hyori unveiled her very first music video of the album for the track titled Swing, which featured Garry of Leessang. However, the company said that Swing isn’t actually the title track of H-Logic, with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang being revealed as the title track instead.

And then her album songs got leaked. Okay, I know you readers are all dying to see the video now, so I’ll stop the talking. Here it goes.

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