Friday, April 2, 2010

New Brave Brothers music video is banned from broadcast
Not too long ago, Brave Brothers released his 3rd single titled Sad Music and quickly followed up with a music video afterwards. It’s now been announced that the music video has been banned from broadcast.

Jang Hee Jin stars in the music video as a damsel in distress and it’s apparent that she’s in deep emotional turmoil. Through the smoky makeup and sexiness, the actress made a complete change in style to show a new side of herself.

Unfortunately, the music video has been banned from ever broadcasting on television due to its suicide scene. Although there isn’t exactly anything too graphic, executives still felt that the video did not belong on the air.

This is the 2nd music video from Brave Brothers to be banned from broadcast. His first ban was for the music video of his 2nd single Finally. A rep said, “It’s really disappointing. We’re very sorry to Jang Hee Jin because she tried so hard to successfully bring the video to its highest quality.”

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