Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pledis Entertainment slams plagiarism remarks about After School’s choreography

After School has recently been under fire for supposedly copying dance moves from a German dancer, who even posted a comparison video on YouTube allowing many viewers to make their own judgment towards the issue. However, the case now seems to be coming to a close as Pledis Entertainment revealed their response today, strongly disproving of these “nonsense” accusations.

“There is a problem in deeming a choreography as plagiarized just because a single dance move less than 3 seconds long is somewhat similar to another. The choreography for Bang! is strictly the end product of our creation, put together by Pledis’ Korean and American choreographers.

Dance is a language spoken through the body for everyone, regardless of cultural barriers. [To give a comparison,] one would not say that a certain modern choreography is plagiarized because it is similar to a Korean culture dance.

We hope no more disputes and controversies are generated over this matter.”

Though we’ve already expected the company to defend themselves for their own good, we cannot disagree with the fact that there is some logic to their response. Maybe eight three seconds weren’t long enough to warrant such accusations after all. However, there is also a saying that one should “give credit where credit is due.”


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