Monday, April 5, 2010

Rainbow’s Jaekyung is too sexy?
Rainbow’s Jaekyung has been mistaken for being an exhibitionist. In what manner? In the way of revealing herself as a woman.

On Quiz Sixth Sense, she said, “After I did a sexy dance on a program, my image has been made around just that performance. Now, even if I wear t-shirts, it’s mistaken as being too revealing.”

She revealed that she’s suffered from harsh remarks from netizens all the time.

But this isn’t stopping Jaekyung. On the show she performed a sexy dance. Lee Kyung Kyu, the host, joked, “I think you’ll get harsh remarks once again.”

Netizens are a bit too harsh. I think every single girl idol does sexy dances on shows and they choose one girl to target.


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