Sunday, April 11, 2010

SNSD claims two successive Inkigayo Mutizen awards for Run Devil Run
It has been almost two weeks since we saw T-ara claim Mutizen on the March 21st episode of Inkigayo. Since then, Inkigayo has been off-air due to the naval ship tragedy.

Inkigayo was back on April 11th and besides awarding T-ara a belated Mutizen for the last week of March, they also awarded the SNSD girls a belated Mutizen for the first week of April, ending T-ara’s two successive wins.

And the girls followed up with another win this afternoon, making it two wins in a row for Run Devil Run. The girls were up against T-ara for I Go Crazy Because Of You, Epik High for Run, 2AM for I Did Wrong, After School for Bang!, KARA for Lupin and BEAST for Shock but eventually prevailed.


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