Thursday, April 8, 2010

Uhm Jung Hwa won’t let her age stop her
During her appearance on on MBC’s Golden Fishery, singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa talked about her age and how it has affected her career as a dance singer.

On the show she said,

“When most artists turned 30, they all seem to go into ballad. I think that, because there weren’t many artists over 30 back then, I received a lot of negative comments. People would say things like, “She doesn’t know how to act her age” and, “She’s that old and she comes out looking like that?” and I began to ponder whether or not I should quit.”

Uhm Jung Hwa then talked about Korean sex icon Lee Hyori, saying, “Looking at Lee Hyori right now, I think, ‘She’s aged too… She’s old too,’ but even though she’s 30 or 31, she looks young. But then I asked myself, ‘What about me?’”

However, despite what people say, Uhm Jung Hwa says she won’t let her fans down and will continue to do what she loves. “Because of comments like those, I sometimes regret what I do,” she said. “I wish my peers would not say such things. But because my fans have cheered me on, I do not want to quit as a dance artist. However, I am a bit sad that there are not that many seasoned artists nowadays.”

More power to you Uhm Jung Hwa! Despite what people say, this woman is here to stay. Even at the seasoned age of 41, the singer will do the dance and the disco. After all, she has been dubbed as “the Madonna of Korea.”

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