Friday, May 21, 2010

4minute returns to Music Bank to Hit Your Hearts
4minute is making waves in kpop these days! After releasing the MV for their comeback single Huh and their follow up mini album HUH (Hit Your Heart), it seems like these girls’ popularity has risen exponentially! It might have something to do with their catchy follow up track or their sexy new look, but I’m willing to bet it’s both.

With a little help from their fellow company group BEAST, these girls made quite fierce entrance to the stage with the beat-pounding number Who’s Next? Following the Cube family love-fest, the sexy ladies of 4minute took on the stage solo for their Huh performance and man-oh-man, they’ve got me saying humph all throughout the song! And no HyunA baby, I’m not kidding you.

Check out their charismatic and pure eye candy performance below!


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