Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bae Seul Gi credits Bokgo dance for movie opportunity

It has been a while since we have seen Bae Seul Gi in Korea as she makes her first appearance on a variety show for two years on the May 18th episode of Strong Heart.

Bae Seul Gi has been working mainly in China in the past few years but she also scored a movie opportunity for Finale in 2009 where she plays an assassin, after catching the eye of German director, Rouchdi Guedria. She revealed that her Bokgo dance performances in Love Letter had caught the director’s eye and he even came down to Korea to give her a surprise audition.

And there was even more Bokgo magic on this episode as her Love Letter partners, Chun Myung Hoon and Kim Jong Min rejoined her on stage as they replicated their Bokgo dance performances from the past, and getting everyone excited!

But before that happens, let’s check out their past collaborations! It certainly brings back the memories from those golden years, doesn’t it?


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