Monday, May 10, 2010

KARA launches their official fanclub in Japan
Besides fellow girl group 4minute who had a successful showcase in Japan, KARA was also in Japan the same weekend as they performed for fans and officiated the launch of their official fanclub in Japan!

Ahead of their official debut in Japan this August, the KARA girls flew to Tokyo this past weekend for a press conference, handshake event with fans and also presided over the launch of their fanclub in Japan.

The press conference on May 8th to announce their debut in August under Universal Music Japan attracted over 200+ media personnel which just shows how much popularity the girls have, despite not having debuted officially.

And almost immediately after the press conference, the KARA girls had a handshake event with 4,000 fans to commemorate the success of their SPECIAL PREMIUM BOX FOR JAPAN album released late last month and had charted in the top 10 of the Japan Oricon charted.

The following day, the girls left for Yokohama where they mingled with 2,000 fans and presided over the launch of their fanclub in Japan. During the event, the girls also performed the Japanese versions of Honey, Wanna and Mister which drew rapturous applause from their fans. Famous Japanese entertainer, Gekidan Hitori who is a huge fan of KARA was spotted attending this event.


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