Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lady Gaga suffers wobbly vocals on American Idol as first signs of tour fatigue sets in
By Georgina Littlejohn

Lacy: Lady Gaga performs on American Idol last night but her vocals suffered a shaky start when she first took to the stage

Could her worldwide tour be taking its toll on Lady Gaga's voice?

The singer suffered a vocal malfunction as she performed her new single on American Idol last night.

The strong voice normally demonstrated by the 24-year-old star sounded much weaker than normal as she took to the stage on the U.S. talent show.

The singer started her performance sitting at a piano which she played as she sang the opening lines of her hit song Bad Romance.

But she appeared to struggle slightly with the song, her voice slightly shaking at times.

And during the opening lines, she even appeared to go slightly out of harmony as she came in on the wrong note.

It was lucky she wasn't being judged by Simon Cowell and Co. or she might not have made it through to the next round.

Hooded figure: Gaga sings in what appears to be a see-through hooded mac which covered her fishnet bodystocking

And in true Lady Gaga style, her outrageous outfit managed to distract everyone away from her wobbly vocals, which she showed off as she made her way from the piano to the front of the stage.

She gracefully shimmied her way forward as semi-naked dancers gyrated around her.
She then launched into her new song Alejandro covered in a long black chiffon hooded cloak.

Raunchy: Semi-naked male dancers gyrate round Gaga as she launches into her new single Alejandro

Risque: Her male dancers rip off her cloak revealing her sexy bodystocking underneath

That was then ripped off by her dancers to reveal a fishnet bodystocking decorated with lace.

But while she delighted the crowd with her dancing and outrageous outfit, she was still struggling to recover from her wobbly start.

It's hard not to be sympathetic, however, her Monster Ball Tour is a mammoth undertaking.

It started in the States in November last year, before it made its way to the UK in February, and then headed onto Australia, New Zealand and Japan in March, the last gig of that gig played in Yokohama on April 18.

Younger model: Gaga looks uncannily like Madonna as she struts her stuff on stage

She brings the tour back to Europe and back to the UK this month but she won't have long to rest her poor voice.

Today she takes the tour to Sweden, then on to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France before heading to the UK on May 28, and then back to the US and Canada in June, before heading back to Europe again in October to play across the continent right through to December.

Phew! She'll have earned a break by then.

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