Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pictured: The terrifying moment a race car rolled into crowd of spectators
By Richard Shears

Terror: The car flies over a safety rail towards a crowd of spectators

Spectators ran for their lives when a race car sailed through the air towards them after a dramatic crash in Australia.

The Mini had clipped another vehicle during the race in Brisbane, rolled along the track - then sailed through the air straight towards the crowd of spectators.

It seemed that disaster was only a split second way as the red vehicle dropped down towards the scattering crowd.

Those in the vehicle's path rush for safety

Amazingly, the Mini came to rest having only struck two men, neither of whom sustained life-thretening injuries

Yet only two people were hit and were said to be recovering from their injuries in hospital.

'It's amazing that more people were not seriously injured,' said Australian racing legend Dick Johnson.

'This particular race track is very sub-standard... You have to look after people who pay money to come to these places.'

Catalyst: Magrow's car flipped after he collided with a fellow competitor

Parts of the car were torn off as it raced through a gravel pit towards a safety barrier

The Mini Cooper S struck two men - aged 59 and 60 - as it smashed through a fence, took to the air and came crashing down. They suffered head injuries, which were to be 'not life-threatening'.

Even the 22-year-old driver Kain Magrow escaped unhurt.

Perfectly fine: A track spokesman denied the circuit was unsafe

Spectators were amazed that he was able to step out of the wreck of the number 8 Mini, which had rolled several times before hitting the fence and soaring through the air.

A Queensland Raceway spokesman said the crash was 'a seriously freak accident'.

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